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This blog - or whatever you prefer to call it - is a record of the development of Project Silver.

Project Silver is currently a secret from anyone who I don't know personally, and not all of them know the details. In very simple terms, Project Silver will eventually be known as Whimsy Bells, which will be some type of virtual pet site. Perhaps, we hope, a new breed of virtual pet simulation, but we'll just have to see...

Within these Chronicles are the vague, ambiguous details of the development of Project Silver and its approach to completion. I only release what I feel is safe, considering the high competition out there, although I doubt anyone will be reading this but myself and occasionally the highly informed friend or future staff member. Because of this, many of the posts here will tend to detail the coding aspects and their progress more than anything else.

Nevertheless, certain gems of information may sneak their way around.

I (inkling) plan on having Whimsy Bells operate as an entirely original, brand new, fresh face to the virtual pet site world. I'll hold on to old ideas, but many new ones will make their way through - some of them you will love, some of them you may not care for at all, but will still hopefully find refreshing.

Let's cross our fingers.


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