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As I was working through the scripts for the edit info stuff, I was quickly realizing how much its design will relate to the layout... So once I had that planned out and figured out and fixed up a bit (not set in stone, but enough that I can move forward), I got back to the code itself. It's doing much better but isn't functioning entirely properly. I believe I got it down to change your information accordingly and correctly - but my error messages aren't popping up when they should. Not a huge deal, but if you're trying to change your password and you don't put anything in there, it should say "put in your new pass!" not "information changed!". Especially when the information wasn't changed or is changed to something blank. No good, no good at all.

Soooo, didn't get to the forums, but I'll be sprucing this stuff up this evening. I'm continuing research and double-checking my code while I'm here at work. Can't do much else without my laptop and all.

Also bopping around and scribbling out other ideas, fixes on setting, and all that delicious jazz.


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