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When I finally got home this evening, turned on my laptop, opened up the internet... I realized I was still logged in to the site! This, of course, was a serious problem that needed remedied. If you close your browser or shut down your computer, you should definitely be logged out at some point soon after.

I fixed this up pretty easily. The inactivity time limit is currently 15 minutes before you're logged out. It seems to be working gorgeously! With the way it's set up, your session is completely unset and destroyed, and then you're redirected to the index page. If you leave your computer for 15 minutes, sitting on your profile page or the forums home, and come back, the page will still be the profile page or forums home or whatever it was. When you click somewhere on that page, however, it'll go through the process of checking your time limit and essentially logging you out, booting you to the index, and making you log in again. Doing it any other way would be unnecessarily complicated, I'm afraid~

Now, back to my planned project - editing your account info.


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