In the midst of finals and the holidays, I've completed the registration system. This includes logging in, logging out, and displaying the basic information you sign up with.

This system isn't perfected yet. Later down the road, it'll need more fields added to it for registration - right now it's very basic and we'll want more. However, those fields will depend on other codes, so a lot of it will wait for now. Encryption and hashing needs to be upped, too, and that's next on my to-do list.

Following that, I'll be working on basic profile editing. Your typical changing of passwords, display names, and other info. I've already successfully displayed user info, so some of the work is already done.

This was finished awhile ago, but I didn't have time to post it!

It's slow going, but we're making steady progress. At the same time, I'm working on histories, breeds, and other mysterious things that will put our world together...


Nov. 19th, 2010 01:39 pm
Every pet site handles accounts differently, whether it's straight up usernames, user ID numbers, multiple accounts, beta & alpha accounts, et cetera. This post details how Whimsy Bells plans on handling these aspects of accounts.

Every user will be limited to one account. The only exceptions that will be made will be for certain staff members who will inevitably get an upper-hand and not be able to play the game as it is intended to be played. Their secondary accounts may or may not be secret, as well. And again, this only applies to certain staff members - particular positions where they have to be stuffing their accounts with items to test things out. This will not be common whatsoever, and any staff member caught transferring items, et cetera, between their two accounts will probably be booted.

We're going to go by a user ID system, that way users can freely change their names and so on. However, elitism surrounding low ID numbers will be discouraged.

No user can sell their account. If you, for whatever reason, feel that you no longer need or want your account - maybe you're leaving the site, maybe you want to start fresh - then you must first contact the staff. I'm still working out the details, but in situations like these where the user absolutely does not ever want to use that account again, we are considering having Account Auctions. However, there a lot of complications involved in that, so it's more likely that they'll be converted into NPC accounts and the contents of the account will be auctioned instead. We'll see!

As far as beta and alpha accounts go, we'll probably have at least alpha. However, any alpha or beta testing will be free. It's silly to charge for that, and we don't plan on doing so. There will be a screening process, but your helpful testing will get you some perks (some permanent, some not) and your account will be classified as beta or alpha.
Every pet site has certain basic traits, ultimately classifying them as certain types of pet sites. Some are strictly breeding sims where you select markings and mutations, select their colors, and see how the offspring turn out. Others make their own art, churning out different colorations, and the users pick their preferred breeds and colors, often within a limited amount of space for pets.

Whimsy Bells will be a compromise between these two, but that's all I'm going to say for now...

Another aspect that many sites have are "customs". In most breeding sims, a custom is a "generation one" pet that you personally designed. One or two others sites, however, that operate on the coloration system, are having users submit their own colorations for their personal customs.

Whimsy Bells will have something close to the latter.

Some pet sites are also now incorporating human avatar systems, along with equippable items for pets.

Whimsy Bells hopes to have both, though they will not likely function the same as others, necessarily.

Most breeding sim pet sites do not have a battle system, whereas the coloration systems often do.

Whimsy Bells is hoping to go above and beyond in this department, but we're trying not to be too optimistic...

Other pet site basic characteristics - NPC shops, trading, multiple currencies, forums - can be, generally, expected. Of course, a few of them will be extremely different from what you're accustomed to.
This blog - or whatever you prefer to call it - is a record of the development of Project Silver.

Project Silver is currently a secret from anyone who I don't know personally, and not all of them know the details. In very simple terms, Project Silver will eventually be known as Whimsy Bells, which will be some type of virtual pet site. Perhaps, we hope, a new breed of virtual pet simulation, but we'll just have to see...

Within these Chronicles are the vague, ambiguous details of the development of Project Silver and its approach to completion. I only release what I feel is safe, considering the high competition out there, although I doubt anyone will be reading this but myself and occasionally the highly informed friend or future staff member. Because of this, many of the posts here will tend to detail the coding aspects and their progress more than anything else.

Nevertheless, certain gems of information may sneak their way around.

I (inkling) plan on having Whimsy Bells operate as an entirely original, brand new, fresh face to the virtual pet site world. I'll hold on to old ideas, but many new ones will make their way through - some of them you will love, some of them you may not care for at all, but will still hopefully find refreshing.

Let's cross our fingers.